RunTime Computing provides training for scalable and embedded HPC. Following are examples of the training that RunTime Computing has conducted for customers. If you do not see the specific training you need, RunTime will develop training specific tailored to your needs.

OpenCL Programming for GP-GPU and CPUs

OpenCL training focuses on  efficient use of OpenCL, the portable parallel programming language for GP-GPU and modern CPUs. OpenCL is a new technology that extends C and provides high performance parallel programming. RunTime trainers explain the strategies, tactics, and approaches to using OpenCL for performance and for portability, design and debugging strategies, as well as how and where to retrofit OpenCL into existing C/C++ applications. The lead trainer has over twenty-five years of parallel programming experience. Beginning, intermediate and advanced classes are available.

Using PETSc for Large-Scale Applications

RunTime provides training on how to develop and parallelize applications using the popular open-source PETSc programming environment. Strategies for developing software that uses PETSc, exploiting different solvers, and optimizing those programs, as well as PETSc itself, are provided. Programmers with experience in Fortran, C, or C++ with specific goals in scientific programming will benefit most from this course, but previous knowledge of parallel programming is not required.

VSIPL Programming and Optimization

RunTime offers training in the efficient use of the Vector Signal and Image Processing (VSIPL) API for high performance signal and image processing. Training includes an overview of the standard, specific strategies for managing memory and VSIPL objects, ensuring portability, and program optimization. Strategies for using VSIPL in multithreaded and parallel environments are covered, as is programming with VSIPL on GP-GPU architectures. VSIPL++ training is also available.

MPI Programming and Optimization

Introductory and advanced courses are available for MPI programming. Overviews of tools, and MPI implementations for parallelization are also available as part of customized training. Trainers have over 17 years’ experience with MPI programming.

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