RunTime exhibiting at IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC 2013)09 Sep

RunTime Computing Solutions will be demonstrating the newest versions of  VSI/Pro® , our premier signal and image processing libraries at the  IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference in Waltham MA September 10th-12th.

Conference attendees will get to see VSI/Pro® running on a T4240 next-generation Freescale Multicore Altivec processor development system as well as running on an X86-64 sytem,  CUDA and  PPC Altivec.

RTCS  is also partnering with the Massachusetts SCC team to show certain embedded systems of interest to high performance embedded processing, emphasizing low-power, and hybrid RISC+DSP systems (e.g., TI ARM+DSP combination, ARM A9+NEON, Adapteva Parallela), including small clusters.  The team will demonstrate the basic capabilities and readiness of these emerging systems for HPEC targets. These systems are current or near-term targets for VSI/Pro®, providing a synergy between our company and our collaborators from MIT and BU.


RunTime’s VSI/Pro Accelerates Signal and Image Processing on 64-bit Linux with Support for Intel® AVX31 Jul

VSI/Pro®, the embedded computing industry’s leading commercial VSIPL product, provides the highest performance for signal and image processing applications running on Intel® Core™ processors and 64-bit Linux. Read the full press release.


OMG Adopts VSIPL and VSIPL++ Libraries07 Mar

The OMG Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt Vector Signal and Image Processing Library (VSIPL™) for C and VSIPL++ for C++ as official OMG specifications at the OMG Technical Meeting September 11, 2012 in Jacksonville, FL. RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC was instrumental in achieving this in collaboration with several other vendors and interested parties.

See Press Release here.


Tech Source and RunTime partner to accelerate GPGPU development on its AMD-OpenCL compliant Condor 3000 cards30 Oct

Tech Source, Inc., an independent supplier of high performance embedded video, graphics and high end computing solutions, has partnered with RunTime
Computing Solutions (RTCS) to accelerate GPGPU (general purpose graphics processing unit) development on its Condor 3000 XMC video graphics cards.

See Press Release.


RunTime Software demo at 2012 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference09 Sep

RunTime Computing Solutions will be in Waltham, MA, at the 2012 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC ‘12) September 11-12 demonstrating VSI/Pro running on several key signal processing platforms.

We will be showing a VSI/Pro demo on several different systems, including an Intel Core-i7 AVX platform, OpenCL running on a TechSource Condor 3000 embedded GPU, and a Texas Instruments DSP C667X.

VSI/Pro provides performance-portable signal processing functionality, including FFTs, correlations, convolutions, and linear, vector, and matrix operations to enable real-time and near-real-time applications.