VSI/Pro® is the premier math and signal processing library for signal and image processing on embedded systems. VSI/Pro is fully compliant with the VSIPL (Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Library) standard, as set forth by the VSIPL Forum and now an official Object Management Group (OMG) specification. VSIPL is an open standard that provides an API (Application Programming Interface) to a library of scalar, vector, linear algebra, matrix, and signal processing functions (FFT, Window, Filter, and Convolution) targeted toward High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC).

VSI/Pro utilizes the Single-Instruction, Multi-Data (SIMD) operations on processors that support AltiVec™, AVX, and SSE in order to optimize the performance of the VSIPL API. These acceleration units are included in the popular PowerPC G4 and G5 processors, QorIQ AMP processors, Intel® Core™ i7 processors, and Intel® Xeon® and AMD Opteron™ processors that are common to both embedded and cluster computing environments. VSI/Pro provides a portable, open-standard, high performance out-of-the-box solution that accelerates the development of signal and image processing applications and virtually eliminates the complexities of hand tuning for specific hardware/operating system configurations.

VSI/Pro supports all functions defined by the VSIPL 1.4 Core Profile plus additional useful signal and image processing functions making it the most complete and compliant implementation of VSIPL available, with over 1,000 supported functions. Based on the VSIPL specification, the library supports a wide range of signal processing and linear system functions including 1D, 2D and 3D FFTs, 1-D and 2-D convolutions and correlations, both FIR and IIR filters and windowing functions (Hanning, Chebyshev, Blackman and Kaiser). Linear algebra support includes vector, matrix-to-vector, and matrix-to-matrix operations. For image processing applications, VSI/Pro offers a set of functions that support high performance image processing on bit images of a number of precisions.

VSI/Pro, the leading commercial VSIPL product, is far superior to any open source VSIPL distributions currently available. Open source VSIPL implementations are not current with the OMG standard nor are they actively maintained or supported. Open source VSIPL provides lower performance, limited 64-bit support, and no support for AVX platforms.

VSI/Pro support for the PowerPC processors and AltiVec vectorization from the 7400-series through the 8641D, emphasizes the value of high performance math libraries to help insulate applications from system architecture evolution.  VSI/Pro supports Intel and AMD processors up to and including AVX-enabled processors such as Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and the newest Haswell processor. Regardless of the strengths and weaknesses of the developer’s compiler and IDE, high performance is guaranteed with VSI/Pro.

VSI/Pro provides excellent performance optimization for the complete range of DSP applications on PowerPC®/Altivec (both G4 and G5), x86/SSE, and x86/AVX architectures (both 32-bit and 64-bit). As a rule of thumb, our highly optimized SIMD (Altivec/SSE) implementations provide factor of two to eight times performance boost compared to non-SIMD implementations written in ANSI C.

RunTime Computing undertakes NRE-based engineering on a selective basis to support customers with unique target environments, including specialized operating systems, compilers, processors, and memory characteristics, in addition to supporting standard environments such as VxWorks, Linux, PowerPC processors, and x86 processors.